My brother Jody has opened a new restaurant in Greensboro, it is called Blue Denim. Blue Denim is located next to Fincastles Diner. The restaurants street address is 217 South Elm Street. Jody refers to the restaurant's concept as "Southern bred cuisine". The hours are Mon. 11 AM - 2:30 PM lunch only, Tues, Wed & Thurs - 11 AM - 2:30 and 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM and Fri and Sat 11 AM - 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM - 10 PM. The restaurant will be closed on Sunday. Below please find a menu. ...

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The best burgers in the Triad!

  • The Hotel California

    Provolone | Guacamole | Grilled Onions | Grilled Tomatoes | Sriracha Pepper Sauce

    Gather for the feast.

  • Willie Fries

    Cheddar Cheese | Chili | Jalapenos

    Willie will tell you there awful… But he just wants them for himself.

  • Americana

    Blue Cheese | Bacon | Mayo | Egg Over Easy

    If you find your self waking up at Noon… This will count as breakfast and lunch.


About Our Name

Emma Key was my grandmother and a noted cook in Mississippi. Cooking was her passion. She operated a tea room on the town square in a small town called Dekalb. At Emma Key’s we will offer fresh food that my Mamaw Key would be proud of.



100% all Beef | Fresh Ingredients | Emma's Seal of Approval